Our Approach

We believe that the future of enterprise software is extremely exciting.

For the first time ever, enterprise software is not "just a database" - but it has the power to meaningfully impact the lives of all users.

Imagine, CRM that finally delivers on the promise to help sales people be more efficient and effective, while also delivering on the data and analytics management needs to make better business decisions.

We believe Artificial Intelligence is the major technological advance that makes this possible. It's not just another feature, it allows us to reboot what enterprise software is.

Meet the Team

Friends for over 20 years, Anders and Chris founded Account HQ with a a vision that combines the best in sales and technology.

Chris Hamoen

Chris Hamoen

Founder & CEO

20 Years CRM.

Product > All.

Customers First.


Anders Rawlins Profile Pic

Anders Rawlins

co-Founder & CTO

17 Years @ IBM.

Uncaged, empowered, and emboldened.

Innovating every day.

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